Site-specific Installation

Broletto, Como, Italy

Starting from Piazza Grimoldi, heading towards the Broletto, there you will find the steps that enable the descent to the old arcades.

It is a descent into the past, the lowering of the floor and these steps are witnesses of the history that, layer upon layer has been building around this space.

Here, at a lower level of the city, you can stop and enjoy the view of both squares at the two sides of the Broletto. Few people actually do.

The view from the Broletto is often ignored; it is often see as a simple pathway, a border between a living site and another.

Barricades wants to claim this place.

The viewer is unable to walk quickly through this space, so force to stand actively in it and walk through a fixed route before reaching the desired destination. Barricates help people who pass through it to take a renewed awareness of the existence and of the form of the place.

The color and the size of the geometric forms of the barricades dictate the rhythm of the journey, and the viewer have to raise and lower his look on the work and consequently on then space.

The barricades are a limit and a barrier inside a public space, they become an opportunity to overcome the limits of everyday experience, offering a space for reflection and a different point of view.